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Help Topic: Calendar

The calendar can be used to post events for other members of the community to see. It also lists each member's birthday. To access it, click the "Calendar" tab at the top of any page.

Navigating the Calendar

Quick Jump
At the top of the side-bar you will see a box that will allow you to select a calendar to view, or quickly change to any month. To change the month you are viewing, select the month you want to view using the drop-down boxes and press Go.

There are also links to quickly jump the current month or week below the main calendar.

The Calender offers three different display modes, there is a "Month" view, like a standard wall calender, a "Week" view, which shows a vertical list of the days events ni a week, such as a weekly planner, and a "Day" view, which shows all events for a particular day.

Below the quick jump box, you will see a mini-calendar view of the previous month and the next month based on the current month that you are viewing. If you are viewing a specific week, you will also see a mini-calendar of the current month, and today's date will be highlighted.

If a day has an event scheduled for it, clicking on the date will bring up the details for all events on that day.

You can also click on beside any week to change the calendar view to that week.

Main Calendar
The calendar you are currently viewing displays in the middle of the page. Today's date will be highlighted if it is in the month that you are viewing.

Events or birthdays will be noted in the boxes. Click on any of these for details of the events. If there are too many events to display on the monthly view, you will be advised of this with a link to view all events for the day.

Adding New Events
When adding a new event, you will be asked for a start and stop date of the event. You will also be asked if the event reoccurs and when this is, weekly, monthly or yearly.
Finally, type a description for your event and press Add Calendar Event.

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@  SuperJuniorO5 : (13 August 2014 - 11:22 PM) Hi... just wondering if there is a downloadable version of Hello Baby ep 11 and 12? :)
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